Today I am beginning my fall break! I walked 45 minutes all the way to the bus station the go to the Marseilles airport to go to London. I will never doubt the importance of packing light in times like these because I am carrying a carry on bag and a checked bag. I ended up getting to the airport really early, but when it comes to having a $300 roundtrip flight on the line, I wasn't taking any chances. Not to mention RyanAir is notorius for being understaffed and charging fees left and right. So much for being a budget airline. 
    Anyways, this is the second flight that I have been on alone, the first being when I flew here at the beginning of the semester, so i am still a bit nervous. I can't believe that the semester is already halfway over already. I am homesick, I miss my bed, the fact that people speak English everywhere, and my life back at college. But the positives of being here are the travelling, and that my host mom is a great cook, even though she doesn't speak any English. 
    Last weekend I was in Paris, so I am still in the travel mode.It was fun, even though it rained most of the time. I went up the Eiffel Tower again, walked around the Latin Quarters and Moulin Rouge neighborhoods,went to Verseilles, and Notre Dame. Our hotel was near Sacre Coure; walking there at night and seeing Paris from atop the hill was a quaint new experience that i didn't get to do when I was here two years ago. The most unexpected part of the trip was having my black flats that were sort of already on the way out give out officially. So here I am, checked into the hotel on last Thursday afternoon; it's pouring rain out, and I'm going into every shoe store on teh block, to find a suitable replacement that i can actually walk in that is stylish and not over 80 euro. Things are so ridiculously overpriced here. But alas, Scott and Kris and I ended up getting upgraded to a 3 person corner room with a balcony because the other people in the 6 person room never showed up. Drinking 3 euro bottles of wine and listening to Billy Joel while relaxing on the balcony with the Parisian nightlife down below was quite pleasant I must say


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