Hello! It's 10:57pm here and I am rather tired. I have been working my butt off on my interior design project all week because it's due on Monday. And I have been looking up flights to go to Ireland next weekend because my French class is cancelled on Friday. Word of advice to future students here: don't get stuck with a Friday class. I'm in French 101 because they make you take it here if you don't know any French coming in, and of course it's on a Friday. I've had to limit my travel plans because if you skip a class more than twice, they dock points off your grade. My fall break was rather fun; I went to Scotland and England. I did everything Beatles and Charles Rennie Mackintosh (if you're an art nerd, you'll know who I'm talking about). Flights to Ireland are expensive so I'm thinking Madrid. Ryanair, I will forever be grateful for you. My host mom served an epic cheese fondue dinner last night with meats and potatoes. Honestly, my host mom's cooking makes up for the fact that she doesn't speak English. Ah, back to work now. I don't know what else to say tonight. Bon Nuit!


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