Hello there! So I just came back from Brussels, Belgium this weekend. My not long enough  weekend consisted of exotic beers, chocolate, waffles (surprise surprise), a music museum, the Grand Place, the Victor Horta Museum (for all you art nerds out there) and that peeing statue that the tourist shops have 4523626 little figurines of. and whatever else I cant remember at the moment. Below is a picture of the old school style bar I went to the first night, and I used the same photo for one of my photography class assignments, which is a really interesting class to take, if anyone reading this is coming for a future semester here. It was a grand ol' time and now I've got to start to do my final projects, and study for finals. Oh and I had my French oral exam today and did good because my random topic was French food, which is the easiest topic in the world to talk about in French for 10 minutes because it's easy to remember the most vocab words. Goodnight!



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