To all those who are in France right now, I am envious. Hopefully I'll be there with you soon. I seem to have lucked out with my airline...not. In case you haven't heard, Lufthansa is on strike. They first went on strike this past Friday and now they're planning another one this Tuesday. At least 190 flights were cancelled including those from the US. A lot of money was lost as well as patience. I am leaving Friday and I have no idea what will happen. I won't know whether my flight is cancelled until the day of...I am hanging by a thread by something that is out of my control and it is very frustrating when I'm so close but so far. 

Wish me and the others the best of luck because we will surely need it.

Hopefully, the airline and its employees can negotiate a deal or else the customers will be suffering severely. This is a true testament to my will as I will have to navigate transportation by myself in a foreign country and a language I am not familiar with (unless its french). Despite this enormous and frustrating hurdle, I have to over come it because I can and will. This will not stop me from studying abroad.

When I first found out I was very very frustrated and discouraged, but as I'm trying to come up with alternative plans I realize this is all out of my control...I have to prepare for the best and worst in these type of situations and take them as they come even if I feel the blow.

Stay tuned for what will happen next!



Dawn Field
09/05/2012 11:48am

Welcome to the European Union! If you have followed any international news for the past few years, strikes are fairly commonplace. Consider it a part of your adventure, something that you will laugh about for many years to come! An open mind, a calm attitude, and a willingness to make necessary changes will go a long way. Think positive, smile, and have fun!


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