To be quite honest, I have been lazy. But to my own accord, I have also been extremely busy so please be patient with my blog. Lots to tell and for you to read. This is hopefully the fun reading not the dreadful reading :)

I absolutely love my host family! All three of them are great! Although, the little one is a bit spoiled and gets everything he wants just because he is an only child. I can't really complain that much because I was the same way haha. My communication skills have improved already and this is only the third day...I have had such great conversations with my host dad, of course when we've understood each other haha. We've talked a lot about politics and other pertinent issues relative to France. It's really interesting to learn and discuss these topics. These are the kind of conversations I look forward too. Apparently, the French love discussing politics so I gotta find someone my own age and have an intelligent conversation with them! I never want to leave Aix! I might move back here someday because it is magnificent and I have already fallen in love with the city! (I wrote this section, well the third day here, and haven't posted it until now).

I can't say this enough but I love my host fam. Both my host mom and dad are very cool people. I've learned so many interesting things about them. My host mom likes to sing and listen to opera. My host Dad is a Buddhist and has a sail boat he is repairing.  Both are full of life, good natured people and great parents!

Now I will discuss what this post is really about. Misunderstandings!! This seems to occur quite frequently. Apparently my accent is so bad that my host family thinks I said one thing when I meant another. 

Example 1) I told my host dad that I was going out to do hookah! When I pronounced hookah he thought I said hookeur which he associated with the film Hook as in Peter Pan. I don't think I'm doing a peter pan tonight hahah (i dont even know what that is, if there is a meaning). We both had a good laugh about that one. 

Example 2) Talking about books. We were discussing what kind of books we liked and I said I liked Lord of the Flies when translated in French it's "Monseigneur des Mouches" I guess this is only funny if you understand french but he translated the title as "Monseigneur des Papillons" (Lord of the I thought it was hilarious. Then again it's a french blague haha. Oh misunderstandings, how I adore thee :)

Example 3) My host mother was telling me that M. G was going away for a 2 day seminar. She was explaining the seminar of course in french and I thought he was going away for his job. In reality, that was not the case at all. He was in fact going to a religious center to practice Buddhism. I don't know how I got religion and job that messed up but it happened. We all laughed at that huge misunderstanding!!

Example 4) Talking about music. We were asking each other about our favorite musicians. My host dad said something along these lines "Etom Jom". Can you figure it out? I couldn't at that moment and thought he was talking about an artist I never heard before. Apparently, it was Elton John!! Duhhh, how could I not understand his broken up English lol. I don't feel as bad about my accent now, when I can't always understand their English.

Example 5) Baby Elliot. Half the time I have no idea what he's talking about. He's using french words I've never heard before. So literally, I'm completing lost in translation with this kid. C'est dommage.


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