Short post tonight. Climbed the infamous mountain in Aix. What a great experience and a gorgeous day!!
It was probably the steepest mountain I have ever climbed. My legs, butt and hopefully everything else are toned to the max from this strenuous hike. The hike was beautiful, peaceful but challenging and dangerous at the same time. Almost fell on my ass 5 times. The climate here is a lot different from the mountains I've hiked before. It's more arid and rocky. A nice change of scenery. The views were breath taking. Obviously a camera can't do it justice. Met a couple who rock climbed the mountain, took them 5 hrs...extreme sport much? Also, saw two parachuters flying high in the sky. How liberating to just float in the air and look at the world below you. Sign me up!  Well, that's it for now. 


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