It's been about two weeks now since I've come home. This really could be the hardest part of studying abroad...leaving the place that just changed your life. It's so bizarre to find myself sitting in my same old bedroom at my parents' house, looking at my same old things, but filled with this energy I have never had before. Filled with memories of things that once upon a time I could have only hoped to experience. But here I am.

I looked at photos of Aix for the first time since coming home today, and the whole thing feels like a dream of something wonderful yet far away. I feel so proud to know that I went to all these amazing places, and I can't even begin to tell my loved ones back home what living in another felt like. I am really excited to find a way to bring French back into my every day life. There are a lot of other students from IAU who go to my home university, DU, and we have all already talked about getting together and having French nights.

Meeting new people, seeing incredible places, feeling the vestiges of ancient history...I was able to do so many incredible things during my short time in France. Rather than sating my curiosity, travelling has only ignited a spark. The feeling is positively infectious. Now that I am back, all I can think about is the next place I will go. The next language I want to learn. The next culture I want to absorb. The world really is my oyster, and it does not feel like there are any more barriers between myself and the planet. Studying abroad has opened so many doors...I cannot wait to see what happens next in my life. It is so empowering to have only a year and a half left in college, but having endless options awaiting me on the other side of graduation. 


01/03/2013 12:15pm

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see where your life takes you:) Maybe someday you will be in some far-away place and we will come visit...that is my hope:) We love you and are so proud of you!!


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