Hi readers! If you didn't know, Aix is one of the sunniest towns in France, with rain only coming 60 days out of the year. Well today is one of those 60, and it also happens to be my "month-iversary" in France. (No gifts, please.) Cue depressed emotions about time going too fast and not being able to make it slow down.......here.

...and one month later... hello my avid readers! I know all two of you have been anxiously refreshing my blog page, waiting for the next post. Well refresh no more! After a month of trying to plan out this entry, I guess I'm finally ready to make you incredibly jealous of the time I've spent in Aix so far. 

If you're one of the unlucky people who follows me on Instagram, you know by now that the Early Start Program gave me plenty of opportunities to show off just how incredible Aix and its surrounding regions are. But there's some things that simply can't be explained by a picture, and now, I'm obligated to tell you all about every totally super awesome reason why Early Start was my best decision so far. 

Hello (or should I say, bonjour), and welcome to my blog page! My name is Cristelle, and I’m a Junior who’s proud to say I hail from Fairfield University. I have two extremely practical majors of Music and French, but I’d prefer you don’t ask what I want to be when I grow up. I’m in the honors program back at Fairfield, and while I’m not busy practicing French with everyone I meet, I love to sing and stalk the turkeys who live all over campus.


    " Quand le Bon Dieu en vient à douter du monde, il se rappelle qu'il a créé la Provence. " 
    -Frédéric Mistral
    Fairfield University


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