Sitting out in a private farmer's field, we looked out at Mount Sainte Victoire, the aqueduct, and civilization below comparing nature to Cezanne's renditions of it. The distance of the mountain, the depth of the city in the valley below, and the fading presence of the pine, were all captured beautifully by Cezanne.

Laura sketched the mountain and the clouds. Lucy took selfies with Kristina's camera. Robert stood erect looking out at the wide expanse before him.

Sharon asked the question of how the eye could become, according to Cezanne, more "concentric" as it looked more and more at nature.

Prompted by Alan, we all looked at three different Cezanne paintings and tried to figure out their chronology.

With the sweat, the heat, and the beauty, time slowed down and the questions and the particulars became one solid fluid motion, a gentle breeze that flowed along, like a creek, running humbly for as long as it gets water from a source.

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