So I, like most people are new to this whole blog thing. I’ll try to be as honest as possible. In fact, writing is the best way to express myself. I cannot put enough words on this blog to describe how excited I am to finally fulfill my dream. Since the 7th grade, I have committed myself to learning the French culture and language. Yes, I am a French nerd and proud of it.

My overall goals of this experience is of course to immerse myself in the culture, improve my French, meet new friends especially French ones, see life through a different perspective, learn new things and grow as a person. This is really generic and cliché but hey, it’s what I want to do; it’s what I am going to do!

I have been told that studying abroad is one of the best experiences of a person’s lifetime and I do not doubt anyone who has told me that. I plan to fully take advantage of my time in France and the surrounding areas.

My attitude is positive and upbeat but I am aware of the challenges and uncertainties a so-called new lifestyle can bring. This whole pre-departure process has not been 100% difficult free. Of course I’m going to miss my friends and family. Of course I worry about the small things like what to pack, forgetting important documents, how to make an international phone call both ways, how to navigate transportation, conversions, safety precautions etc… the list could go on. I will stay realistic but spontaneity, curiosity and ambition will be most prevalent!

Some speed bumps have crossed my path but they will not hinder my chances of going abroad. Long story short DO NOT FORGET PASSPORT. Follow directions as told and quintessentially everything should go as plan. Visa has been acquired (phew!).

On the brighter side, I have exciting news to share. We received our host family information! A million questions and qualms have swirled in my head but after sending and receiving an email from them, my uneasiness has been set aside as of right now. I’m sure the uneasiness will reappear again once I finally meet them and live in their home. However, I am super excited to meet them and it is comforting to know that they feel the same way towards me. I can’t wait to have a little French brother! 

I am now on the home stretch. For the past 7 months I have worked my butt off, spent a lot of money (will keep on spending lots of money) and have endured this long antagonizing summer. As of right now I officially have 11 days left before I board my plane! Still lots to do but one can only prepare so much. As Nike says “Just Do It”.

Hope you guys are ready for an adventure, because I sure am!



Dawn Field
08/27/2012 7:02pm

I hope you have a wonderful and enriching time!

Darryl Dickinson
08/27/2012 7:46pm

Beth, have a GREAT time. Looking forward to reading your blog! Take lots of pics, enjoy yourself, and immerse yourself in the culture.

08/29/2012 5:06pm

Bethany - After all the hard times I have given you since my operation, I am truly nervous about you going away so far; but I am so excited for you as well. I love you and will miss you. Love, Mom


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