WOW, November flew by!

I just got back from a trip to Rome this weekend – loved it, every second! Totally did not want to leave! Especially since the semester is almost over (ah!), here is a list of thoughts I've been keeping since I’ve been in France. VOILA, for your reading pleasure…

-People and their dogs have a very different relationship here. You don’t pet a stranger’s dog the way you would in the States. Also, dog poop never EVER gets picked up (yuck). But the French still looooove their dogs!

-I have a feeling that local businesses love us students because we come in groups and buy lots of food, or whatever. What can I say, we like supporting them! :)

-I often have trouble knowing if I’ve responded to a person in French or in English and I only know what language I spoke in when they reply back to me. All I know when I speak is that I’ve given the proper response for the situation. I guess this is good – must mean I’m thinking in French more and more.

-That eight hour bus ride I took to Barcelona: seemed so long! It was actually the same length as the flight I took from JFK to get to Europe. Comparing it that way, it seems much longer… Haven’t taken such a long trip since ;)

-Everything is thicker here in France. Some examples: paper, soda cans, and plastic bags. Also, you have to pay for plastic bags.

Lastly, here is some Christmas music since I now, officially, consider it the Christmas season (the month of December). It’s on the French version of Spotify, Deezer. Take a listen to my “study abroad Christmas” playlist if you like!

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