As I sit here writing this I feel obliged to tell you that I have a (warm) baguette and jam next to me.

I'm back in my room, enjoying some down time and a snack (goûté) after a very busy day. It's the end of my sixth monday of classes here in Aix - a full month and a half! - and I realized that (until this moment, obviously) I had stopped counting how long I'd been here.
Walking to school and home again is something I could probably do blindfolded. I've got a good sense of when to say bonsoir vs. bonjour and all those other nuances of the French language that you never get to practice until you're here.
I recognize the little Euro pieces and no longer fumble endlessly at the register each time. Habitual purchases like coffee are memorized prices in my head and I usually have exact change, if nothing else, in my wallet for a single cup.
On Mondays I get pasta to go just up the street from school; Tuesdays are sandwich day; Wednesday and Thursday I get lunch at Simply Food on my way back from my internship; and Fridays are tartlette aux rhubarbe-at-the-café day.

Visiting Brussels this weekend, I realized how nice it is to be familiar with my own town and my own routine. Liv showed me all around her favourite places and, while they were all very cool, I kept comparing them to my favourite places in Aix. Streets to walk down; restaurants to try; beers to drink; parks to visit; cafés for eating; cafés for hanging out; favourite supermarkets; favourite touristy activities; etc. While I have the unique ability to say that "all my friends are studying abroad right now!" we are all having our own experiences too. It took me a weekend away to realize how great mine really is.

And I loved Brussels too! Don't worry. But there's this saying - what is it?
Oh right.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Well, Aix, I can truly say I'll be missing you once I'm gone.
Good thing that's not for another seven weeks!

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