Mmmmmm... French food. There's nothing like it, right? Especially for breakfast.
Though, I may not be having any "official" or traditional French p'tit déj, it is still yummy. And different from what I have at home!

On a normal morning, I have some variant of toast, coffee, and fruit, the variant usually being fruit and whatever I put on my toast. When I first arrived, there were lots of prunes (plums) and now we have a lot of pommes (apples). For toast fixins, you've got your average butter (well, not that average because it is French beurre after all), your fun Nutella, or you can switch it up and have crème de marrons.
crème de marrons is like hazelnut butter (rather than apple butter)
I've already complained about the coffee sucking in France. I've since found a total of one place that serves plain coffee strong enough for me, but at my homestay t's still rather weak. Usually I'll just have it cold instead, which actually makes it taste a little bit stronger. Weird.

And that's it! Nothing too too special. Now you know what I eat for breakfast on the daily. It's part of the true IAU student experience (which also includes, but is not limited to: nights at O'Shannons; dinner consisting of multiple Pizza Capri slices; hanging out in le cave and the cathedral courtyard; and drinking Desperados).

Except on Fridays when I got to my fave café and also get a tartlette aux rhubarbes from Paul bakery.
Yum :)

xxo, S

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