I wish I can upload my wonderful pictures but my iPhone and iPad don't allow me :/

Hopefully I can upload my pictures when I got home. :) The just-born kittens in my host family were crying for their mommy and thankfully the mommy mom has found last night but she looks so tired. :(





The RAW students met in front of the cathedral and we went to hardware store to get our construction tools.

We have also sketched some streets.

Then my three friends and I went to farmers market to get the roasted chicken which they have seen the other day. Farmers market is such a wonderful place where selled fresh fruits, local vegetables, candies, lavender soap and all kind of good stuff! XD

At 7pm, Z and I had appetizer/ reception in IAU main hall. I had a drink of Cassison, provence's local wine! It tasted so good! How couldn't I not fall in love with Provence XD !





Continue to draw the nude model and with my other hand! :3 I kind of improve from yesterday's drawing already!

Then the RAW students, 7 of us got separated from the art students. The RAW assistant introduced us about the program.

After class, Z and I went to watched movie, The Great Gatsby. My first time to watch movie in France! XD the movie theater was so nice and smaller than AMC.

After dinner, the host took us to climb the mountain on the back of their house. It was a great adventure! There were plants that smelled so good and there were also plant that scratched our legs. We then looked down to the beautiful small town.





We met up on front of Michaels and went to studio.

I was shocked when I saw the model because she took out her all of her clothes when I turned my head around. I had no idea that we were drawing nude model :O (my first time and such an interesting experience! :) I like how the model was so calm and did beautiful poses.

At last, we introduced each other.Then the class ended around 1pm. :D

Our host cooked us escargot ( snails ) which Z had asked. It was so good!!! XD Our host said that the snails were taken out and got clean before they were putted back to another beautiful shells. :O





Orientation today! XD

Our host drove us to IAU main building 2 bis, rue du Bon Pasteur.

We were surprised that Harvard University had the most students study in this summer program. There are 5 USC people and four of us all joined the RAW architecture design and build studio program.

After orientation, teachers led us to walk around the town. Art student got their supplies in a store called Michaels.

We went home and had dinner at 9pm. French people do eat their dinner really late :O ! During dinner, our host family has asked us many questions. I like how french people were't not afraid to talk about everything such as political and religion. They are so curious and eager to learn! Until right now, my friends and I can only say Bonjour! As Mercee! orz... Hopefully we can learn more french in this three week period! :)





Zi and I went to the town and had breakfast in the Main Street. We dinned in Bastide du Cours. It was kind of awarkward to order from the menu because we don't understand any French! So we ordered sth we didn't know and realize that french people have really simple classical breakfast such as orange juice, French bread, and crossisant

Then we met up with our other two friends who came from our school as well. We walked around the town and felt like we had already know the town because it was so small! :)

I got so excited when passed by so many bakeries with some most delicious dessert that I have ever seen! XD

There is one leave-like cookie that tasted like lavender flower! YUM! XD


After two days of staying in the Pullman hotel beside the marseille airport, today I am finally going to Aix-en-Provence!

June 1st :3

In the morning, my friend Sephiraw and I went to the airport and we saw a lady holding a paper with AIU logo on it.

Then we took the bus to the town where my dear host family picked me up.

There are four people in my host family plus the couple's son's girlfriend. The father is F, and the mother is C. Their son is called H and daughter called M. The son's girlfriend is K, who came to home stay in their house last year. (So sweet!) She moved from NYU to France last year.

I had lunch with them in the yard of thief house. C cooked really good! I also learned that French people's order of eating: starter (usually salad), main course, and finally dessert :3

At night, my roommate and also my friend Z finally arrived as well so I won't be scared looking at the two cats fighting on our bed. :p