Our Fall 2012 bloggers have put down their pens. They've been back in the States for about two weeks and time for final reflection is here. Be sure to read their last thoughts about their amazing adventures abroad here! In addition to a last post, bloggers were also asked to respond to a survey, commenting on their time as a blogger for IAU. Here are some of our favorite responses!

Overall, are you glad that you participated as an IAU Featured Blogger? Why or why not?

“Yes. It motivated me to keep a record of my experiences. Since I was conscious of an audience reading my reflections, I spent more time writing them and I look forward to looking back on these entries in a few years.” 

“Yes! This forced me to write about and reflect upon my life in France. Now it’s all documented for me!” 

 “Yes, it encouraged me to write down my thoughts about my travels and made me appreciate my journey even more as I was able to take time to reflect.” 

“Yes, because I was able to take time to reflect on my experience more and share tips/stories with future students.” 

“I really wish that I had an entry from every single week, but since it was not required, I often neglected to post about things that happened to me. [Students should post] more frequently, otherwise they won't have said anything about their stay.”