It's strange to think about how it hasn't truly been a week since I've been in Aix. Tomorrow I will be boarding a bus to go to Nice and Monaco for the weekend and I am pretty excited. But before that happens, I figured a blog entry had to be written about all of these new experiences I had during this first week of classes. In true Justher fashion, I will outline these experiences with subheadings. Because subheadings are cool.

Anyway, as the Whovians (and the Francophones) say, "Allons-y!"

The Flight & Train Ride
20 hours of travel is just as bad as it sounds. From the Bay Area to Seattle, Seattle to Iceland, Iceland to Paris, then a train ride back to Aix? Yeah. My willingness to follow that itinerary (complete with a 55 minute layover in Iceland) probably says a lot about how much I enjoy saving money. Also: The TGV was a bit confusing at first but I'm very proud that I was able to manage it... it was a crazy time filled with two delays that somehow only made me arrive about an hour later.

Host Family
Perfect. I have a wonderful host mom, sister, dog, and cat. The meals are wonderful, too. I also really, really enjoy my room, the entire apartment, and getting to know French culture through a French household.

IAU Activities
There's so much to do! Today a group of us students participated in a scavenger hunt and kind of gave up midway (the gams they were a-aching), but it gave us a great chance to get to know some wonderful places in Aix.

My professors are fantastic. I have three French classes, an international relations course, and an education course. It might sound a little strange to a lot of people, but I'm just as excited to learn inside the classroom as I am to learn outside of it. So many learning opportunities!

Aix-en-Provence is perfect for walking. During the two times I got rather lost, it wasn't hard to find my way back on the map - what was hard was finding a way to pull out my map without looking like a tourist.

I think that covers most of what happened this week. I got to meet some other great IAU students (quite a few who are bloggers, too!) so I'm excited to get to know everyone better. Fingers crossed I get to become friends with French people, too.

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