Today was fantastic.

In class, we talked about color: warms and cools, complements, and the like. I had a great lunch and, when I arrived back at my homestay, my host-mom's cooking was spot on.

I was going to retire early for the night but my host mom convinced me to come with her and Quentin to a Monster Truck show.

This, of course, ended up being a fantastic decision.

As we took our seats on the outdoor, metal bleachers, fun characters appeared all around. There was this dude with dreads, an Arabic father with his son, Quentin, Delphine and I, and a random group of young twenty-somethings, one of whom—I’d observed in the parking lot earlier— owned a classic corvette.

The show had all sorts of monster trucks, dirt-bikes, and car stunts. The music playing behind the announcer was very obscene, profane rap/hip-hop music from the States. I thought that to be a bit funny, seeing as most of the folks in attendance were younger French kids. But, they didn’t seem to mind, so, I pretended to not notice Lil Jon and his endearing lyrics.

I ended up having a swell time experiencing a different side of French culture and amusement.

Below are pictures and videos:
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